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Exterior painting is an important maintenance process that needs to be done to protect your home. We train our Thornton painters to use procedures and methods that will yield the maximum durability to the harsh Colorado weather.

We designed our business so that the experience for our customers is as stress-free and educating as possible. First, at the initial estimate we like to educate the customer on different primers, paints, caulking, and applications methods, so you can get the paint job you’re looking for. Next, one of our crew chiefs power washes your home and does an initial walk around your home with you to go over the specific details of your unique project. Every day the crew chief will walk you around the home to ensure all expectations are being met. We never leave a job until the customer is completely satisfied and happy with the work.

We call problem area’s on your home “localized failures”. This is anywhere the paint has failed in the past, we not only want to pay special attention to these areas during the prep work but also focus on finding the solution to the problem so you don’t paint failures in those spots again.

Exterior Painting Process

  • Power wash for painting a house Thornton. Pressure washing every exterior project is a must! Without this step, the paint will not form a strong bond to the surface. We always remove bug nests, oxidized paint, bird droppings, and dirt from the house ensure optimum paint adhesion.


  • Peeling paint for painting a house Thornton. The next step is to scrape off failing paint. Peeling paint is most commonly found on door frames and where the building materials of your home meet the ground or roof. We always sand bare wood as it removes dry rot so that when the primer is applied, it is soaking into a quality wood surface.


  • Caulking before painting a house Thornton.Caulking is crucial in sealing open joints where exterior building materials join. For example, where windows and trim adjoin the exterior siding, there are usually cracks that many builders and painters ignore. Thronton Paint Pals fills these joints with caulking to make sure you not only have a superior paint finish but it also significantly improves your home heating and cooling efficiency.


  • We mask off all roof lines, exterior lighting, window frames, brick, patios, and anything else that has the potential to get drips or over-spray on it.


  • Trim Painting Thornton, COAfter ensuring that all proper surface prep has been taken care of, we then double check to make sure priming is completed prior to the finish coat.


  • We typically roll or spray the main body or base color fist, followed by the trim color, and lastly any accent colors. We always consult our customers before proceeding, as there may be special requests.


  • We always quality check the house to ensure we have taken care of all the details.  We then take you around the house for a final inspection and to ensure that our work meets your expectations.
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