Here at Thornton Paint Pals we have used many different colors throughout the years on interior paints. One interesting thing we have noticed is that what is considered modern or popular changes quickly sometimes within one year. We recommend trying out many different samples on your walls to make sure you like the colors. We also suggest picking a color you think will stand the test of time and will still love in 5 years. We can recommend colors and tell you what we think is the best fit for your environment but this is only a opinion and when it comes to your house, your opinion is what matters most! With that being said here is some information about the colors we see trending for 2017.

Many of the interior trends for the 2017 year are leaning toward the darker side. Taking the place of metallic colors and browns, are some new colors that are sure to have you wanting a new coat in each room.

Green – dark shades of green are taking the place of navy and midnight blues creating a “wintery” backdrop, adding depth to room with brass, tans, and leathers. Sherwin Williams Shade: Isle of Pines

Dusky blue – makes you feel as though you are at the ocean. Lighter than navy, this color brightens up the room while still providing a feeling a comfort. Sherwin Williams Shade: Endless Sea

Mineral Gray – Another color carried over from 2016, except this time in a warmer hue. This gray is a great backdrop for bold statement pieces like a bright yellow armchair. Sherwin Williams Shade: Gray Shingle

Reds – a symbol of courage, action and confidence, shades of the dominant color are making a comeback this year according to Diamond Vogel. Go for a bright red statement wall, or use for accents.

While it seems that 2017 is headed for a more comfortable and confident interior, there are a couple of trends that are sticking with the brighter trends of 2016.

Powder Blue – This lighter color brightens the room, and is paired nicely with dark woods and leathers. This summery shade brings out a tone of sophistication. Sherwin Williams Shade: Gentle Aquamarine

Pastel Pink – This lovely popular bedroom color is carried over from the 2016 top interior colors. This warm pink provides a comfortable, feminine ambience while allowing the room to “accentuate the natural light” according to Elle Decor. Pair this with rose quarts, browns and yellow golds. Sherwin Williams Shade: Cheery

If you have questions or want to know more about colors please don’t hesitate to contact your local Thornton Paint Pals, for a free estimate!