Most of the painting we do is residential exterior repaints. When we paint the outside of the home we can do different amounts of prep depending on the homeowners specific needs and wants. One thing we do make mandatory on all exterior repaints is a full power wash. This is to ensure that we have a surface that will allow the paint to form a strong bond. In Colorado we have a very dry climate and the house dries the same day we power wash it. This is not true for other climates, but is a benefit to living in Colorado. After we power wash we recommend sealing up any areas that the caulking has failed. Then we look for area’s that the paint has failed and scrape, sand and prime those areas. This is the basics for how to properly prepare a house for painting the exterior. If you are considering painting your home please call us for a free estimate. Even if you are considering painting it yourself it is still a good idea to get a free estimate, we often work with homeowners and only paint parts of their home that require specialized equipment and still allow the homeowner to buy the rest of the paint needed with our discount, saving them more money than just painting it themselves! Click this link to see houses we have painted locally in Thornton.