Commerce City Painters & House Painting

Paint Pals is a locally owned and operated company that has been painting interior and exteriors of commercial and residential buildings in Commerce City for over a decade. Our crews are professionals who always strive to exceed expectations and provide you with amazing results!

If you are looking for a Commerce City painter, Paint Pals is the painting contractor for you! We offer the following professional painting services:

Free Estimates: We provide free estimates quickly and accurately through use of our software which was developed in house. By using measurements taken on site we generate estimates that are free of bias so that everyone gets a fair price.

Interior Painting: Getting a fresh coat of paint can really help to spruce up your home, but can also be a bit of a hassle having to move furniture around and dealing with the chaos. That’s why we strive to get the jobs done as quickly as possible while paying attention to the small details. Prepping homes beforehand is an important part of our process which helps jobs to always turn out amazing!

Exterior Painting: Hiring local painters is important when it comes to exterior painting because you want someone who understands the climate and how different paints behave in said climate. We have been serving Henderson and the surrounding community for over a decade and our reviews speak for themselves!

Commercial Painting: Our professional painting crews are always fully insured and licensed, which means we are always ready to take on a new commercial painting job. It’s hard to beat the combination of excellent work, affordable prices and extended warranties that Paint Pals offers!

Apartment Painting: Finding a painting contractor with the experience to price a large scale job properly and finish it on time can be hard. So consider hiring Paint Pals because we have extensive experience painting apartment complexes! 

Deck Staining and Restoration: With long cold winters and hot sunny summers, decks in Commerce City need to be regularly maintained. Paint Pals offers full restoration and staining services which means you will have more time on your hands to relax in the sun!

We take pride in the work we do at Paint Pals. We know that a crisp coat of paint can help your business make the right first impression on customers and it can also make your home feel like YOUR home. Give us a call today to set up a free estimate!

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